• Founded in 1937, Air Canada is the largest airline and flag carrier of Canada. It is currently the world's tenth-largest passenger airline in terms of fleet size. Air Canada operates from its hub airports, Calgary International Airport, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport.
    Air Canada connects 11 other carriers in the world as the only few airlines that fly to all six inhabited continents. The carrier's operating divisions include Air Canada Express, Air Canada Cargo, and Air Canada rouge. Air Canada also has codeshare agreements with many airlines including Aegean Airlines, Aer Lingus, Air China, Air India, Air Georgian, Air New Zealand, Avianca, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, and many others.
    Pick your favourite destination and make your journey through Air Canada Flights. Get incredible offers on your booking.
    Read about the Air Canada Destinations here:
    Algeria- fly high and admire the beauty of Algeria’s city with your munchkins
    Antigua and Barbuda -Beautiful place Antigua and Barbuda not yet discovered, see the exciting city
    Argentina- Get discounted fares to travel to Argentina’s city
    Aruba- Get great deals to explore Aruba diverse cities on the map by Air Canada Destinations
    Australia- Explore all the beautiful cities of Australia with the guidance by map
    Austria- beauty lies in the city of Austria, explore it
    Bahamas- these cities are one of the greatest cities in the Bahamas, discover them by checking Air Canada Flight Status
    Barbados- make your journey to the city of Barbados and explore it
    Belgium- for amazing journey book your journey to Belgium’s city
    Bermuda- fly better on Air Canada Flights and wander to this city of Bermuda
    Brazil- see the cities of Brazil with your loved ones and get great offers
    Canada- all the cities of Canada are amazing and really Worthing to explore, check Air Canada Destinations
    Cayman Islands- lost in the world of Cayman Islands and explore the great city 
    Chile-Santiago- see the magical city in Chile Santiago and make colourful moments 
    China- see the wonders of the world in the city of China and check Air Canada Flight Status
    Colombia- for great offers book your visit to Columbia’s city 
    Cayman Islands
    Costa Rica- see the fantastic cities of Costa Rica by Air Canada Flights 
    Croatia- discover Croatia city by flying high and better on discounted prices 
    Cuba- explore all the amazing cities of Cuba with your dear ones
    Curaçao- with Air Canada Destinations see the amazing city of Curaçao
    Czech Republic- check Air Canada Flight Status and discover the city of Czech Republic
    Denmark- get fantastic offers and see the beauty of City of Denmark 
    Dominican Republic- check Air Canada Flight Status and travel to all wonderful cities of Dominican Republic
    France- all the cities of France are like attractions to admire 
    Germany- check out the following cities of Germany with enthusiasm 
    Greece- on Air Canada Flights get good amount of offers and wander to the city of Greece
    Grenada- the biggest adventure can be found in Grenada’s city
    Haiti-  wander the city of Haiti and get fantastic offers and deals
    Hong Kong, SAR China- with Air Canada Destinations, get awed by the beauty of Hong Kong, SAR China’s city
    Iceland- escape the ordinary and discover the city of Ireland 
    India-    check the cities of India to experience eastern culture
    Ireland- see Air Canada Flight Status and wander the cities of Ireland 
    Israel- dive in the beauty of Israel city with Air Canada Flights 
    Italy- these are cities of Italy which must be discover with your loved ones 
    Jamaica- all the cities of Jamaica have magical vibes, so explore then 
    Japan- plan your visit and see the lovely cities of Japan 
    Mexico- dive in the beauty of Mexico cities with Air Canada Flights 
    Morocco- see the natural beauty at Morocco’s city and at discount rates explore them
    Netherlands- get ready and avail the fabulous offers to see the city of the Netherlands 
    New Zealand- the city of New Zealand is so big, so travel now and get ready for fun
    Panama- by Air Canada Destinations wonder in the city of magnificent Panama
    Peru-   for creating great memories explore Peru city with your loved ones
    Poland- for amazing sites travel now to this gorgeous city of Poland 
    Portugal- amazing city only in Portugal which must be look after
    Puerto Rico- before checking Air Canada Flight Status, see the city of Puerto Rico to travel
    Russia- the most exciting city resides in Russia so discover it 
    Saint Kitts and Nevis- good moments happen in the city of Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Lucia- with Air Canada Flights get affordable journey to travel to Saint Lucia
    Singapore-  with greats spots at every point of City of Singapore explore it with your travel partners 
    Sint Maarten- natural wonders can be seen in Sint Maarten, so get ready to travel to this city 
    South Korea- Air Canada Destinations also include the most fantastic city of South Korea, discover it
    Spain-  the amazing journey to amazing cities of Spain are interesting
    Switzerland- these are the gorgeous cities of Switzerland before booking check Air Canada Flight Status 
    Taiwan, China-  Create unforgettable moments in the city Taiwan, china with your little ones
    Thailand- to get most exclusive experience in the city of Thailand, book now!
    Trinidad and Tobago- the great memories happen in the city of Trinidad and Tobago, so make them by Air Canada Flights 
    Turkey- must wander the city of Turkey to experience unique culture 
    Turks and Caicos Islands- spend your joyful moments in the city of  Turks and Caicos Islands 
    United Arab Emirates- find the keys of happiness in the cities of United Arab Emirates
    United Kingdom- the world of full of adventures can be found in the cities of United Kingdom
    United States- numerous cities in the United States which are magical and amazing, explore them
    Venezuela- don’t miss Venezuela city according to Air Canada Destinations and discover it
    United State
    Discover all these glorious places and book your upcoming journey by Air Canada Flights. Get surprising offers and deals on your booking.

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